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BIMgraFX Project division caters to the needs of architects, engineers and consultants in the construction & manufacturing industries. We offer high quality architectural renderings, 3D Animations & walk through’s. Over the span of 20 years team has worked on various national and International visualization projects. Project varies from Industrial to Residential scale. We have provided high class visualization services comprises of Exterior and Interior renders as per the client requirements. The team have always at our toes for the clients call and changes needed to be done.

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Op-1_D10052 G+M+1 Commercial Building for VERVE
Final_Al Khaleej Interior_WORKSTATION B
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Graphics & Virtual Reality

We harness the creativity, diversity and imagination of our skill set while ensuring that the technology we create and enhance continually sets industry standards and drives innovation across the content value chain. Our unrivalled teams of creative talent and acclaimed experts create and deliver customer requirements to their expectations.

Visualization and Rendering
  • Photo-realistic architectural rendering (interior and exterior)
  • Pre-recorded as well as Live (interactive) building walk through
  • 360° panoramic rendering
  • Project 360° Virtual Tour (Using Head Mounted Devices)
  • Product Rendering and Demonstration
  • Object 360° view
  • 3D Simulation

Change of vision angle, change of colors, textures, lighting effects and various elements is made very simple.Presentation plans could be made realistic with the help of various software’s. Vital perspectives and walk throughs to help you explain your client exactly his project looks after completion, so as to arrive at proper consensus with client.

With better command over advanced features of CAD software’s, we can make your working drawings comprehensible & precise. The advantages of CAD drawings like portability, reusability in subsequent drawings, better storage, flexible editing is eminent. When companies contract BIMgraFX services, they become part of a project tracking system. This system provides valuable information for cost-accounting purposes, making sure you get the most for your budget. We can work from paper sketches, photos, mark ups or actual components & CAD Softcopies. You can deliver your Project to us by email at We look forward to hearing from you and being.

Why BIMgraFX for your Visualization ?

  • Well trained and experienced team in Visualization concepts.
  • We International high performance software tools for Modeling and renderings.
  • Team Render concepts for Fast Renders to deliver the projects as per the delivery schedules.
  • We use Xeon Server based processors for uninterrupted Renderings.
  • We have Server based backup system, which will not have problems with data losses.
  • Highly configured workstations.
  • Deliver of the projects at right and committed time schedules.
  • We have sufficient Uninterrupted power backup.
  • Leased & Dedicated Internet connectivity.
Virtual Reality

From the creation of animated content, the visual and aural wonder of post-production,

  • Virtual Reality we set industry standards for excellence
  • Experience the design in virtual reality
  • Explore your model’s interior and exterior
  • Adjust the materials to add bump maps and transparent or reflective effects
  • Add a Sun light with shadows and ensure even lighting
  • Improve interior lighting with additional lights